where in the world?

How does one go about choosing a country to live in Europe? There are so many amazing cultures and you have to narrow it down if you are going to make any preparations. You have to be clear about your goals.
 Graffiti-Madrid, Spain

My goal for moving to Europe is to get a job and begin grad school a few years down the road. Also, my plans for grad school meant we'd need to be in a fairly large city that has a decent selection of universities with graduate programs.

My husband's plan for our adventure abroad was to go back to school and get his undergrad degree. He currently works as a job coach and employment specialist for people with developmental disabilities, helping them gain independence and function in the community. He has 5 years of experience in the field and is also a musician in multiple bands. For him, moving away is an excuse or maybe the freedom to pursue something completely different.
 Graffiti-London, England

Hue wanted to attend a local university and interact with fellow students from that country (as opposed to an American university largely segregated from the locals). He wants to teach English literature when we return to the states. All of that basically leaves London and Dublin. England has a higher cost of living and if we are to survive initially on our savings, an instant conversion to the UK's Pound Sterling (£) would be devastating. Today the national exchange rate reveals £1 = $1.52 and Ireland's currency the Euro is about twenty percent less at €1 = $1.24.

Dublin was the right choice for us. Nowadays I can explain it one sentence but it took awhile to get there: Ireland speaks English and England is too expensive.