Tuesday, August 23, 2011

best coast

the night's theme centered around raves + crepes
photo by Mary Allen Photography--coincidentally one of the bmz

I can't describe in words how much I love wedding festivities! Who can't get behind a week-long party in the name of love? Beyond the endless celebrations, there is nothing quite like seeing somebody you love take the next step in their life. I felt honored to take part in the experience and to be surrounded by people who are like family to me. That said, the word 'matron' is nothing I want to be associated with again anytime soon. Doesn't it sound like somebody horribly old?

workin' it

nine lovelies

wedding day: bottoms up brunch

have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

MOB + myself partaking

beautiful bridesmaidzzz

THAT DRESS! THAT VEIL! picture perfect.

MOHs: maid + matron of (dis)honor

...and this is more or less how the rest of the night went:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

east coast

boo + her mang

I spent the week ballin' in Baltimore with my college friends. Since all the girls live extremely far away in various countries, we try and marry somebody off at least once a year. It's a great excuse to get everyone together.
The wedding week was absolutely lovely: lots of girl time, sight-seeing in MD, crab cakes around every corner, a wild night out, and one amazingly stunning bride. So whose turn is it next?

tante + stencil

boo + weed

beautiful baltimore

my birthday brunch complete with som tum thai papaya salad!

b/w bachelorette party

sonte + weed

howz my veil?

center stage

lovely ladies heading to rehearsal dinner
the inner harbor
wedding day brunch: crab cake benedict. oh em gee.

the FOB and his gorgeous daughter

bridal party

loving that wallpaper!
makin' it happen with a conga line


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

good ol' USofA

layover in chicago - wrigley field

Spent a few weeks relaxing in the CA sun, spending time with my fam, and getting ready for my coast-to-coast wedding tour of the United States: jet-setting from the Bay to Baltimore and back to Berkeley.

celebrating my birthday at home with flowz and filipino cake

practicing fancy hair

to get ready for the upcoming wedding extravaganzas

reunited and it feels so good! commence mexican food diet

dranks with pops, broham, + hubs

the beautiful transamerica building at night

at an A's game enjoying some nachos with my jalapeños

in the Mission

macarons in the city

a sunny afternoon in Napa