brolly down

pterodactyl arm

Evidence that my brolly has seen its last day. As a result of a torrential downpour and fierce wind conditions, my poor umbrella is left permanently disfigured. The arm doesn't collapse anymore and the side of the umbrella no longer attaches to the fabric, letting the water in.

I am always amused after a big rain to see demolished brollies shoved into public garbage bins all over Dublin. They stick out of trashcans, lay abandoned in the street, and sometimes are even smashed on the tines of the fence along the river. They are abandoned brolly corpses...proof to the world of their worthlessness. 

I like to see the special angle at which the brolly was mangled and imagine the owner's anger as they shoved their now-useless brolly in the trash. I bet each person mutters this exact noise: 'HARUMPH!'


  1. You should take a photo montage of expired brollies and post it.

  2. I plan to! It will be raining again soon.


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