look at that sleazeball on the left

Before we left for Spain I heard about a career expo in the city centre. I blew it off. I figured that it would be a  joke. I imagined it would be full of franchise opportunities and pyramid schemes and people selling products rather than companies looking to hire. Once on vacation in lovely Spain, I began to feel guilty about not attending. Maybe I wasn't taking every chance I could? Maybe a great opportunity had passed me by? When an email about the New Year New Career expo came to my inbox on Friday, my guilt decided for me. I read there were going to be companies with vacancies in marketing and social services so the description even sounded promising. I got up yesterday (on Saturday!), got lost taking the 7 bus, and finally found the Burlington Hotel where the expo was held.

€10 later, I was in the door and what greeted me? Franchise opportunities, pyramid schemes, and businesses trying to hawk their products and services on me. Nutrition By Nature, Herbalife, FitKids, blah blah blah. People! I am here for a job, not because I have money to invest in your failing ventures.

Folks just like me wandered aimlessly in the event room. We looked pathetic. All of us had gotten out of bed, dressed up, printed copies of our CVs, and paid good money in an attempt to look for work and all we got was a scam. After a quick once-around I got the heck out of there. What a complete waste of time and money. At least the guilt complex has quieted down...

want to sell herbal supplements in a pyramid scheme?