happy new year

whoa flash dance

Happy New Year! Hubs and I were hoping to spend the night with friends but it turns out they decided to go and get engaged! Congratulations! I just LOVE love, it gives me warm fuzzies all over!

Instead of going out and hanging with the drunkards--who, for the record, we could hear just fine screaming and yelling in the streets outside our building--we left our skype open and got a ton of calls from friends and family all night long. Thanks to everyone that called us and wished us well. It was nice to see so many familiar faces! Add to that some burritos from Boojum (basically Chipotle) and a bottle of champagne and we had ourselves a night to remember. Please see below for careful documentation of my glorious Tiny Top Hat. In opposition to hubby's wishes, Tiny Top Hat will be making regular appearances from now on. The girl behind the counter at Boojum confirmed my suspicions that the Tiny Top Hat was indeed, amazing.

Happy 2011 to all! The Mayans say we are all going to die next year!

tiny top hat from the diagonal

tiny top hat from above

tiny top hat from an angle


  1. I can't believe Hubs didn't fully support your purchase of baby top hat! It just screams "I'm a classy (a)broad" and all the girls are jealous. But, could it be a man-repeller?


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