hooray for me

me and my glorious letter

Today hubs and I checked the mail and The Letter came from Immigration! I was hesitant to open it, but thankfully it had good news. I have been granted 'Leave to Remain' in Ireland. I am no longer an illegal alien! HOORAY FOR ME! Hubs made me a celebratory breakfast muffin that we dubbed the 'legal immigrant egg sandwich' and it tasted so good. Ireland loves me after all!

Tomorrow morning I will be up at 6:30am to stand in line at the Immigration office for the final time (well until next year for my renewal I guess). I will march up to Mr. Pea Brain GNIB officer and show him my letter of permission to remain. I doubt he'll even remember me from back in September when he was so rude and told me to leave the country but I will feel the triumph in my heart. It will be so amazing for him to have to give me a ticket, make me an appointment, and print me a GNIB registration ID card with my picture on it saying I am allowed to be here. Stamp my passport sucka! Kablow.

P.S. My new dress from Carousel. Blam.


  1. your dress should also be called the "LEAVE TO REMAIN" dress!

  2. or maybe 'not getting deported after all' dress...does that have a nice ring to it?


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