spain: day 2

the sun is shining in Madrid

Nathan is my kind of tour guide. His brand of sightseeing involves lots of strolling outside, a multitude of coffee breaks, visiting his favorite spots, and basically including us in his normal life. Tonight we spent the evening with his fellow masters students and professors at a special dinner. We met a lot of friendly people and got to spend some time in a regular Spanish household--cooking, eating, drinking, and chatting. It feels good to be speaking Spanish again, even if I dont remember all the Spain-specific words. Seriously, aseos? At least they peg me as being from somewhere in Latin America. After a lovely dinner we ended with a dance party at Torero and walking home from Sol at 3am. ¡Que vida mas linda!

we love each other

do the metro-man-dance

practicing my Spain-Spanish outside the club: patatas vs. papas

aaron + sarah

tonight's gonna be a good night...

...and tonight's gonna be a good night...

...and tonight's gonna be a GOOD GOOD NIGHT!

save the beach garbage hotel in Callao