spain: day 3

my my metrocard 

Thanks to pleasant experiences in Europe and some work with the LRT construction mitigation in the Twin Cities, I am fascinated with public transportation. I hope someday to work in public transport for my career and eventually learn more about public policy surrounding transport. 

In the meantime, I will settle for using as much public transportation as possible and comparing different cities' systems. I have to say that Madrid ranks among the top cities for public transportation that I've ever experienced. Thanks to their easy-to-follow color-coded metro maps, a huge amount of transfer stations, trains running every three minute on most lines, and the cheap cost of a ticket--only €1--we made it around the city without a single hitch. Keeping in mind that the two LUAS lines in Dublin dont even connect, I was in heaven!

above the islas filipinas station

me in Asyria. ok it's just a large metro advertisement for Asyria.

hubs looking rather dapper

Our day: walking, bocadillos, walking around Gran Via, converters, walking, tinto de verano, dinner at Nathan's, walking, Bacchus English Book Bar, British bartender, British Trivial Pursuit, wine, and walking home from Canal. After all that admiration, I guess we forgot the metro stops running at 1:30am. Oops!