saturday night fever

heading out the door

Granted, these pictures are not the most amazing shots I've ever taken. Still, I must say I had a blast with Ilsa at the Twisted Pepper. We wanted to go out dancing on Saturday night and it turns out this club is about a stone's throw from my apartment. We decided to go check it out and had Thomas Reads as a backup plan. There are three levels at the Twisted Pepper: in the basement there is a techno DJ, on the street level there is an indie rock DJ and live bands play, and on the first floor they had a disco room. Did you read that? A disco room! I know what you are thinking and the answer is yes. It was amazing.

Whilst disco-dancing, we observed that individuals dance differently based on their different country of origin. Yes, we all move our bodies to the beat but the general movements are completely different. Irish people dance like pogo robots. Americans dance like flowerchild rapstars. Polish people dance like ravers with reckless abandon. South Africans dance like smooth reggae drumbeats. It was an excellent study in sociology and cultural norms.

Regardless of their origin, the people of every country were very impressed with the moves Ilsa and I were showing off that night. Almost everybody swore to us that we were Spanish. They said over and over, 'You two are Spanish I just know it!' Sometimes we corrected them and sometimes we tried to dance the part with extra hip swivels. We had a fun night with hours of dancing and lots of new acquaintances.

although my face suggests otherwise, this was rather early in the night  

two new friends

randoms who i asked to be photographers for us

heading home after busting some sweet moves


  1. Pogo Robots! Flowerchild Rapstars! spot on observations. I liked when birdgirl pulled her friends over to tell them we were YANKS. I also liked how our new friend Ben loved arrested development and asked what my favorite SELLOTAPE was.

    I feel really strongly about us teaming up as a hiphop/rap dj duo. I know we can make people like it and teach them how to DOUGIE

    But do you think they would have faith in us since we're just midwestern white girls? the answer is yes and we would become sensations.

  2. Yanks! It's a funny comment, but I've heard it before. Are we in the civil war?


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