spain: day 1

puerta del sol looking much cleaner than i remember it 

Being back in Madrid is an odd feeling for me--like a college reunion but without all the people. I have the funniest memories flooding my brain just from walking around and seeing familiar sights. Is that the tattoo shop where I got my lip pierced? Is that where my roommates and I used to go dancing every weekend? Is this the store where I always wanted to shop but didn't have the money? Is this where all the hippie kids held drum circles on Saturday nights? I feel so much older. At the same time I can't believe it's been 6 years already. In the end, I am just thankful to be here with people I am so close with. I forgot how gorgeous Madrid can be!

still dont know who the horse rider is

new mod metro station...reminiscent of I.M. Pei's pyramid at the louvre

of course

mariachi in spain

ham paradise

hubs & i on a stroll

accordion man sang + danced while his wifey sang along

two coffees and one tinto de verano for me--wine with sparkling lemonade

this bmx kid jumping off the wall of a gorgeous opera house 
the royal palace-Madrid, Spain

another horse

palacio real

casa de campo a park near the royal palace

royal gardens

templo de debod an egyptian pyramid in the park. why not.

sunset stroll

im basically a professional photographer.