spain: day 6

Madrid, Spain 

Here are my final thoughts about the trip to Spain. Good art, good company, good food + good weather.

Toledo, Spain

Picasso's Guernica-Reina Sofia, Madrid

100 Montaditos aka baby bocadillos-Atocha, Madrid

we walked by the building where I lived with Maricarmen!

menú del día

abc = another boring church

retiro park where i was not allowed to row a boat :( time

who is this leading lady?

they were filming at the park and i was waiting to be discovered

two dudes i know

puerta de alcalá

dad i took this picture for you. can you tell me about this awesome car?

as always, my immaturity shines through. but seriously.

my kind of supermarket--two aisles of red wine

we made shrimp fajitas for our new friends + hubs made excellent guac

three nice boys i know

one mean boy i know (just kidding) + moi

bye spain, we had good times!