viva españa

hanging on for dear life to the scary elevator

2011 has been busy for hubs and I. Not only did we have the post-holiday bustle, a lost package of xmas gifts for our family in Minnesota, and Ilsa's visit from the US, but we also planned our first visit to Spain. Our good friend Nathan has lived in different cities during college and now he's in the midst of his masters program in Madrid. The original plan was to go for New Year's Eve and eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight with him. Although I didn't have an immigration status in time for NYE, we booked our tickets when we got my letter in the mail. 

As soon as I dropped Ilsa off at the airport and hubs took his last exam for the fall semester, we raced home and packed our bags. What a whirlwind! Special shout out to Ryan Air for their incredibly low prices and horrid service. Hubs' least favorite part was waiting on the cold tarmac to climb the stairs to the plane, since Ryan Air doesn't waste money on fancy-pants things like airport terminals. My least favorite part was not having a SkyMall to browse the wacky-but-useful gadgets--my favorite part about flying. Although uncomfortable, we made it to Spain on the cheap. At least we have a beautiful hostel!

habitación matrimonial or couple's room at Hostal Santillan-Gran Via, Madrid

view from the hostel window


stained glass in the hallway

antique elevator