day trippers

i could hear the lady saying, 'i'm trying to get the thingy in the background'

Today I took a day trip with hubs and our friend and houseguest, Ilsa. We decided to go to Howth and see the ocean on Ireland's east coast. We rode the LUAS, the DART, and then walked around the tiny seaside town. It reminded me of Monterey, California more than anything. 

The locals say the name Howth as if it rhymes with the word 'coat'. There were so many beautiful things I wanted to photograph! I am going to post the rest of the pictures another day but it was truly beautiful. Here's a glimpse:

WAIT BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE was dangerous speed trains going past
thanks, Google Translate 

checking the timetables

arriving in Howth

north pier boardwalk

Howth Marina

careful you dont drive off the pier into the water

lightouse in the distance

south pier

looking back from the pier towards the town

my hubby, the fearless sea explorer