howth rhymes with 'coat'

graffiti in Howth, Ireland

I have a soft spot for graffiti and street art, even when it seems like blasphemy on beautiful old buildings. There is something about new art juxtaposed with ancient architecture that strikes me as rebellious and hip. In Howth, at least, they are keeping it on temporary construction walls. 

I hope to make a return visit and spend more time in Howth; preferably in the summer when a walk up the hill wont be quite so cold. I'm glad we ended Ilsa's trip with such a relaxing day because Howth is the type of European city that I like to stroll around in--it shows national character but without the garish tourism and commercial advertising that even lovely Dublin is covered in. Always a plus? Riding more trains. Both the LUAS and the DART in one day!


street in front of St. Mary's Abbey

returning home on the DART