spain: day 4

tapas: patatas al alioli, jamon a la gallega, a kebab + olive salad

I can't get over how delicioso Spanish food is! I was a strict vegetarian for five years, including the semester I spent in Spain. In a country that puts ham on absolutely everything, I basically survived on mushrooms and bread. Nowadays I eat fish, seafood, and the occasional sausage when it comes across my plate. I tell people I am a 'cheating pescatarian' when they ask. Thanks to my relaxed palate, I am thoroughly enjoying the simple, vibrant tastes of Spain this time around. Oh and last week I found this article in the NY Times about Mexican food in Spain. Of course, we went to #1.

sardines, shrimp cakes, marinated dogfish (so good!), calamari + potato chips

fish tacos at Nathan's house

Taqueria del Alamillo-La Latina, Madrid

excellent Mexican food in Spain: tacos al pastor, chicken tacos, + a molcajete lava pig

what's that? you give free tequila shots for dessert?

yes, please

upscale food market: Mercado de San Miguel

Spanish people are obsessed with potato chips

inside Mercado de San Miguel...a tower of wine bottles

each stall has its own specialty food--ready-to-eat and some packaged on-site

of course there is jamon iberico

giant vegetables