taco night

holy racial stereotypes, batman! 

If it's not readily available, we'll make it ourselves. Here is our taco night in Dublin. I am partial to Mexican coastal cuisine that includes a lot of seafood and is the type of thing you see a lot of in San Diego, TJ, and a few restaurants in MN like La Sirena Gorda and Las Mojarras. Things like spicy clam chowder, grilled fish tacos, and ceviche are at the top of my list. Thanks to my cookery grind with Rachel and Hugo, I learned how to make homemade corn tortillas and so our taco night was enstated. I am bad at tortillas (genetically predisposed to burning bread) but thankfully hubs is quite good at them. Here are his finest specimens. These blow all other tortillas out of the water, even my beloved La Perla tortillas fresh from the factory. I think it's the earthy corn masa smell that makes taco night extra tasty.

Dont forget Becky's famous recipe for texas caviar! At the Mercado in Minneapolis, my boss made the absolute best corn salsa on earth. Whenever I saw her big tupperware in our mini-fridge, I would salivate all morning just waiting for lunchtime--when I knew she would share with me. I can eat bowls of this stuff! Back in October I wrote her and asked for the recipe. As usual it was 'a little of this and a little of that' so I tried my best to adapt with ingredients available in Ireland. Can you believe they dont sell canned black beans, pinto beans, or black-eyed peas in the stores here? My options are red kidney, garbanzos, or butter beans. With my can of Mexican-flavored Rotel, it turned out amazing as always. Delicioso!

bringing the heat

grilled ahi tacos with fresh tortillas, homemade ranch dressing + corn salsa