please let me stay

i am a nice, upstanding citizen. just not an Irish citizen.

On December 23rd I sent all my final paperwork to the Gara National Immigration Bureau for the final processing on my 'Leave to Remain' status. I have been checking the mail every single day hoping to hear back. I hope they let me stay in Ireland and don't decide to deport me. Since starting this process, it seems that hubby and I have concocted a plan B, C, and even D in the event that Ireland decides to kick me out. I still haven't gotten a job offer so therefore I have no work permit and as the wife of an international mature student, I am not automatically entitled to remain in the country. I tried to make all my documents as convincing as possible and wrote my letter in such a way that they would know I am not an idiot. 

Why? Because I was treated like an idiot on the one and only day I interacted with Mr. Pea Brain GNIB official at the main office. I was told to my face that I should leave the country immediately (!). I was lied to by a GNIB officer and I was told there was no process to request 'Leave to Remain' when there obviously IS. Thanks to the Irish Immigrant Council and the glorious Internet, I followed up and found the information for myself. In my final letter, I made sure that the officials who read through my paperwork understand that I am resourceful, that I understand my immigration rights under the law, and that they can't just dismiss me as another uninformed person who will go away if they ignore me. I realize they have the final say but I will not be denied permission to remain based on ignorance. 

Even though we have made other plans for our future just in case the worst happens, we'd really like to stick to plan A which is live in Ireland. Besides, hubs is through with an entire semester of college and has exams in a week and a half. Have we come this far to be disappointed? I sure hope not.