irish ice

Upper Abbey Street with LUAS rail lines-Dublin 1

guess where i came from? [p.s. i hate family circus]

day 5 of fresh snowfall
Today I volunteered in the morning for the Abbey Theatre stuffing envelopes. I received one paper-cut. In exchange, I was given a complimentary ticket voucher to attend an Abbey Theatre preview whenever I want. Should I see Free Fall or Reading Yeats?
On the way home from volunteering, I slipped on the ice. A man in a tracksuit near me laughed and said either of the following phrases: (A) "Act your age, woman, act your age" OR (B) "Anchors aweigh, woman, anchors aweigh". Taking into account his choice of dress (tracksuit = certified Scumbag), please respond to the question: Was it phrase A or B...and why?
WEATHER UPDATE: All the classes at local universities (including hubby's) are canceled for the rest of the week because of the snow. Minnesotans, take a look at the most recent pictures and have a good laugh.


  1. Why hello there from across the pond. Anchors away! Love you. He wanted to be a smart ass and say anchor yourself to the ice with ice shoes.

  2. Hi friend! I think 'anchors aweigh' makes more sense too, but I can't explain it. Tracksuit scumbags speak a completely different language.


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