shopping season

a window at Brown Thomas-Grafton Street, Dublin 2

another window at Brown Thomas-Grafton Street, Dublin 2

Brown Thomas is the most fancy-pants department store in all of Dublin as far as I know. I had to post these incredible pictures as their holiday window displays look truly amazing. Grafton Street is where all the best (or more precisely 'most expensive') shopping is found. Christmas shopping is in full swing here in Dublin and people are scrambling to get ready. It truly is a family holiday though--I recently found out that NOTHING is open on Christmas. Not hotels, not restaurants, nothing. If Travis and I dont want to cook we might just end up at a Chinese food place. Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra...Ra-ra ra-ra! If you are into fashion, check out the style pages on the BT website. I thought they were interesting.
"prezzies" = presents