christmas eve

christmas for two 
dinner for two
music for two

My brother was supposed to fly into Dublin today with a friend and join hubs and I for Christmas. Unfortunately he is snowed in at Heathrow Airport in London and wont be able to get here until the 26th.

That means not only do we have a TON of food in our tiny little fridge, but we are on our own for the very first Christmas of our lives. So far, it's been cozy. We are saving the big meal for later in the week and picked up dinner from the Chinese restaurant up on Parnell Street (which one? not sure). We've been entertaining ourselves with Christmas music and movies all day long. Top three songs are Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You", Ruben Studdard's "This Christmas", and anything from A Charlie Brown Christmas. We have Skype calls with our families lined up and we're itching to open our presents, which we have arranged on our lovely "Christmas Tree Chair". Merry Christmas Eve to all our loved ones!