the GB&U

The Good
The GNIB already responded to my application for Leave to Remain and they didn't reject my application. I find that reason to celebrate! Woo hoo! There was some outdated paperwork in my application from August (hey I thought I'd be showing it to them in September) so they requested newer records. In my mind, that means they are actually considering granting me permission to remain even though I dont have a work permit. Am I being overly hopeful? Maybe...but still...hooray!

The Bad
Now I have to all kinds of skype phone calls and emailing to do. I need to get this stuff ready to send a response as soon as possible. So far:
New expatriate health & medical coverage for hubs & I? Check.
Letter of Recommendation on my behalf from All Hallows College? Check.
Financial paperwork for the GNIB office? In the works.
ETA of final information for my Leave to Remain Application? Monday.

The Ugly
They responded so quickly to my application. I sent it by registered post on Friday and yesterday (Wednesday) I received a response. Based on that timeline, we might actually hear back from them as early as Thursday of next week. I am so scared. Eeek!