washing up

washing up liquid
Irish vocab lesson:
"washing up" = the dishes, as in 'let me help you with the washing up'
"shopping centre" = the mall
"in the horrors" = very drunk
"in the North" = means Northern Ireland (Ulster)
"hiya" = hello, used in person
"well" = hello, used to answer the phone
"lads" = guys, used to mean a group of friends--even if they're all girls
"hoor" = whore, but sounds cool in an accent
"fair play to you" = sure, i agree
"a ride" = sexual connotation, so DONT accept the offer of a ride ha ha
"gwan" = go on, meaning get outta here i don't believe you--usually said 'oh gwan'
"ye" = you (plural), as in y'all