famine memorial

nice doggy

Yesterday with our international visitors, hubs and I walked to the Docklands and saw the Famine Memorial. It was really a cool sculpture piece--very Giacometti-esque and he's basically the only sculptor I'm a fan of so they did a great job. Hubs told me it was sacrilegious to pet the famine dog. Whatevs. Here I am petting the dog.

Would you like to know more about this memorial? I would. I am lazy so here's what the Dublin Tourism site has to say about the Famine Memorial:

"Here you will see the Famine statues, presented to the City of Dublin in 1997. 

These statues commemorate the Great Famine of the mid 19th century. No event in history has had a more profound effect on Ireland and the worldwide Irish community than that of the Great Irish Famine which lasted 1845 until 1849. During that time more than one million men, women and children died and a further one and a half million were forced to emigrate."

I know you might have followed the link there, but what a waste of time because honestly that's all they have written. I seriously just copy+pasted that shizz. Hope you enjoyed those two paragraphs of information. When I go back next time I'll try to pick up a pamphlet or something with a little more info because I feel like this is serious stuff. It's is all about the abandonment of the fatherland and things like that. I will follow up on this, just you wait.

artist is sculptor Rowen Gillespie
famine memorial-Custom House Quay, Dublin 1
i thought this was the main plaque first but then i read and it's just asking for money.