christmas crack

almost done 
there. that's better

I was craving all the Christmas goodies that usually come with the holidays and decided I'd have to make some of my own. Here is my Christmas Crack, aka 'toffee pieces' that cheat by using saltine crackers. I had to be a little creative as Ireland doesn't believe in saltines so I had to use Tesco brand Cream Biscuits, which were slightly thicker. Still, I think they turned out great. There's nothing like melting butter, sugar, and chocolate together and pouring it over an already-processed food! I made a little gift-y for my friends Ian and Meagan too.

Here is the recipe I followed. It's incredibly easy to make but I liked how this lady put up pictures so it would be absolutely idiot-proof. I agree with her that the bars look fancier than they are. I love impressive-looking food that takes all of 30 seconds to make.

If you have questions about my new hairstyle, please consult Bubz, who showed me how to do it. I am infatuated with the Catholic school girls that run around Dublin in their frumpy uniforms and pile their hair on top of their head in the rattiest, messiest bun I've ever seen. They look like grandmas who just became homeless. I MUST learn to do this horrible mess of a hairstyle for myself but all I can find is Bubz. I suspect copious amounts of back-combing, but there is a certain je ne sais quoi that I cant seem to capture.

Next time I see a good specimen of the fabulous Ratty-Bun at the Jervis Shopping Centre (which is where the high school girls tend to hang out) I will approach her, ask her how to do it, and snap a picture for you all. Truly a wonder.


  1. (actually it's ilsa but I'm on my mom's computer) Before reading the commentary below I was going to say that I really like your new do and how european it looks. Sarah my London friend was rocking it when home for the holidays and I think it's just great

  2. Thanks. I hope it will become exponentially rattier very soon. I am on a Ratty Bun Hunt.


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