Today I was told by Leann Murphy at not to bother filling out any more applications through their company. I managed to find a job as a Website Manager that I met the requirements for and paid quite a bit. I decided to go ahead and apply. Leann promptly called me up (yes this is the same woman as yesterday) and informed me first that the position was no longer available. While on the phone with her I notice the job was posted that day so I questioned her and she went back on her story. Then she claimed that the real reason she cant consider my application is that none of their clients would be willing to sponsor my work permit. Her company recruits and hires for multiple companies in Ireland, yet she was confident to speak on behalf of all of them and reject me ahead of time.

Contrary to what she told me yesterday it appears that even those offering over €60K salaries will not hire me now. In my opinion, she made up what she said yesterday about the salary cut-off and she made up what she said today without consulting her clients. Essentially I've been stonewalled from applying to about 1/4 of the jobs on most job boards because they go through her company. Thanks Leann. Thanks a whole lot. I hope one of your clients disagrees with this action, finds out, and somehow you reap the fallout.

I dont think what she is doing is illegal but I doubt it is company policy to reject all non-Irish applications on the spot. Could it be that the entire country agrees with Leann?


  1. Alison - are you on Twitter? What's your username? I've wanted to comment so much on this blog but your commenting system forces me to log in with my Google account, which I don't like to do. You ought to look into Disqus or some other alternative that lets you post anonymously or using a Twitter tag.

    Anyway, I wanted to see if you've looked into They specialize in the kind of jobs you're looking for, and I met with Gary over there when I was in Ireland and found them very helpful. Submit a CV and give them a call. In the meantime, add me on Twitter (jfosullivan) and use that to keep focused on the job market — I got lots of leads off Twitter. Good luck!

    -John O'Sullivan
    P.S. Would you mind changing your blogroll to reflect my new blog name and website, Two Passports?

  2. John I just followed you on Twitter. I dont use it very much--just socially but I'll try to keep up with your suggestions.

    I just bookmarked and will give it a try. You are right--they are more focused on digital media than other job boards. Thanks for the tip!

    I changed the blogroll.

    I tried Disqus when you first suggested it but it erased all past comments and I couldn't import them or get them back except by disabling it again. I dont do much cross-application commenting so maybe you can explain it to me better? Did I do something wrong?


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