best coast

the night's theme centered around raves + crepes
photo by Mary Allen Photography--coincidentally one of the bmz

I can't describe in words how much I love wedding festivities! Who can't get behind a week-long party in the name of love? Beyond the endless celebrations, there is nothing quite like seeing somebody you love take the next step in their life. I felt honored to take part in the experience and to be surrounded by people who are like family to me. That said, the word 'matron' is nothing I want to be associated with again anytime soon. Doesn't it sound like somebody horribly old?

workin' it

nine lovelies

wedding day: bottoms up brunch

have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

MOB + myself partaking

beautiful bridesmaidzzz

THAT DRESS! THAT VEIL! picture perfect.

MOHs: maid + matron of (dis)honor

...and this is more or less how the rest of the night went: