tall ships

all the elderly folks who crowded the train and forced me to sit on the floor >:\

Hubs + I went to Waterford for a couple days to hit up the Tall Ships festival and see our friends play a couple concerts. I sat outside, drank cider, listened to bands, and enjoyed the glorious summertime sun! Oh and I saw fireworks on the water one night. Happy early bee day, America!
this one was rather tall

people dressed as sailors or pirates. all the shop knew what was up.

La Gloria, from Colombia. the waterford girls were going nuts over those sailors!

pistachio ice cream. lick lick.

some less-tall ships

coaster with obama drinking a pint of the dark stuff.

i wanted a sailor cap so bad!

the horrible effects of hay fever

even the pigs at the butcher shop dressed up for the tall ships!

we stayed with a friend out in the country. isn't this just a lovely image?

the waterboys!

like a cannon in the rain

light in my head

and you in my arms

whoo ooh ooh!

sunshine ahoy

V, A, + T enjoying a little muzak

B dooing his thing