taste of dublin

som tum thai papaya salad from Diep

A friend of mine had two tickets to Taste of Dublin on Friday afternoon and sadly couldn't attend. Luckily, I am the only one without a job to prevent me from going to awesome mid-day activities. As you can see, I snatched those tickets up and enjoyed a day of wining, dining, cheesing, and Donal-ing with hubs. BTW 'Donal' is pronounced like 'doughnut'.

Highs: Donal Skehan cooking demo (is he on speed? is he over the age of 14?), the som tum, free samples of Coole Swan Dairy Cream Liquer, the gorgeous weather, and Saba's chocoalte chili mousse with raspbery coulis

Lows: SuperQuinn pancakes upon entry (ew), a sample of low-fat cheese (wha?), and Crabbie's alcoholic ginger beer

hubs had a crispy hen's egg + black pudding from Pichet

fresh pea shoots. yes, please.

Gino D'Acampo and this ponytail girl in a green shirt

Donal!!! the charisma and the pointy hair in person

Donal in action...he made me vodka penne + whoopie pies

the Carmen Chilean wine tasting. <3 me some carmenere.