We took a quick day-trip into the Netherlands. We hung out in Valkenburg which is home to the awesome slash creepy Velvet Cave. During the tour they turned out all the lights and told us how two little boys snuck into the cave alone and died of fear in the dark. Seriously creepy. Also, the tour guide made me believe that Dutch people sound like the Swedish Chef from the Muppets. Flur flee flur flee flur! Enjoy some pictures from inside the underground cave!

i dont remember what this picture is of.

nor this one.


soldiers during WWII hid here + carved their names. here is a guy from Van Nuys, CA.


a chapel

valkenburg from the castle ruins on the hill

the netherlands is/are pretty. which is grammatically correct?

this one castle

some baby cars

i like this patio

a moto + moped brigade

dutch names crack me up


of course i found mexican food in valkenburg. it's like i have a 6th sense.