just 3 friends eating brunch

Brunch is my favorite meal of all time because it involves things like eggs, potatoes, and hollandaise sauce. Eggs florentine, home fry skillets, mushroom omelettes, scramble + smoked salmon, egg + bean burritos, and even french toast. Mmm...I just love brunch!

Brunch is also my favorite meal to eat out. Thanks to years as a weekend brunch cook in California and Minnesota, I like it best when other people cook my brunch for me. They call it 'breakfast' but I am here to tell you that they are serving brunch. What I am trying to explain is that 'brunch' is an American word and this all leads into my Irish vocab lesson of the day:

"brunch" = an American word for breakfast foods
"rasher" = one strip of bacon
"pudding" = Irish blood sausage, comes in a white & black variety
"full Irish" = hang on let me catch my breath...
...2 rashers, 2 sausages, 1 slice each white & black pudding, 2 fried eggs...
...sautéed mushrooms, stewed tomato, baked beans, and 2 pieces of toast
"half Irish" = just 1 of each of the above

For your viewing pleasure, a few brunches found in Dublin:
Sourdough Almond Bacon Pancakes, Mermaid Cafe-Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Vegetarian Breakfast at The Larder-Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Smoked Salmon Benedict at Odessa-Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Salmon Scramble + Ham Omelette at Foam Gallery-Millenium Walkway, Dublin 1