the tap

band playing music-The Tap, Dublin 7

Hubs has been looking for a band since we got to Ireland. Thus far...nothing. There was the John Mayer/Jason Mraz-style group that stalked him for awhile but he eventually gave them the slip. It's been tough for him as a musician coming from Minneapolis with a well-oiled local music scene and years of connections to Dublin where most bands play cover songs and original music doesn't get support. I am hoping that hubs found a happy medium after playing his first gig at The Tap last night. This band plays rock covers to make money and writes their own stuff on the side. I don't even know if they have a name. I guess when they have enough money from gigs they plan to start recording. They seem to be a good group of guys with talent and a passion for entertaining.

Imagine a tiny triangle-shaped pub that seats about forty. The band is in the corner booth and the pub is packed. Everybody knows each other (except me) and it seems they all come on Friday nights for the music. I felt a little anxious at being the odd one out but pretty soon they've all introduced themselves. At the first song I knew this would be a true experience. I've never been to a show were absolutely everybody in the pub sings along...and I do mean everybody

The entire band is singing mains, backup, and harmony. The footballers in the corner are bellowing, the lady in front of me is singing at the top of her lungs with her eyes closed, the guy at the bar is putting his two cents in between drinks, the guitarist's dad is belting out the chorus, and the 72-year-old next to me has grabbed the tambourine and is shaking up a storm. It was a crazy wonderful hootenanny! It wasn't too long before I was hollering along and--I know this sounds hokey--but I think I became friends with every person in that pub! It was the whole reckless abandon vibe; people shouted requests and we sang all favorite Dylan, Rolling Stones, and Kinks songs. I particularly liked hearing Elton John's Daniel because one woman demanded it repeatedly and we all knew it was coming. I had a magical time and I hope, for my own sake, that hubs really likes this group. Tonight he is playing with them again at a place called the Headline Bar and I will definitely be going along!

walking to the pub it was brolly vs. the wind...and the wind won

my own instance of public brolly abandonment

new friend TJ lovin' that Star Trek jumper!

new friend Tania whose brother is in the band