paint it black

the cadavos @ headline bar-lower clanbrassil street, dublin 7

g-l-o-r-i-a, gloria

i see a red door and i want it painted black

Another Saturday night at the Headline Bar with hubby's band. I recently discovered they have a name: The Cadavos. It was fun because Dylan's little sister came along. She is about to graduate high school. We spent the night discussing cross-cultural exchange and the effect American media has on moral values across Western civilization. We talked about Teen Mom all night. We agreed that Amber is cra-cra, Tyler and Caitlynn are tortured, and Macy is a 'good' mom.

my new friend yazmine

She explained to me that Spicers are basically mini-Rod Stewart emo types (kids that wear skinny jeans, heavy makeup, and have really spiky or back-combed rat's nest type hair with lots of colors). I told her in Chile that these people are called Pokemon. She asked why all the young mothers in Teen Mom have southern accents and I explained that there is a place called the Bible Belt that doesn't believe in birth control. It was an enlightening night all around.

I used to wonder how anyone outside the U.S. knew about American TV shows. My cousins in Chile love Arrested Development and The Office. I just couldn't figure out how they'd even heard of these shows, much less seen them. Now I know there are websites that post shows within minutes of them airing in the states. The legality of these sites are questionable--every once in awhile they get shut down and replaced by large, foreboding FCC warnings--but we still watch most of our TV on the computer this way. 

I wish I had known about TV on the internet back in Minnesota when I was waiting for Netflix to release the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Hulu didn't carry HBO programs. The important, life-changing things you learn abroad!