irish fashion

donuts, magic wands, an ample sweater + leather jacket selection at Tesco

I dont want to make negative comments about fashion in Ireland but Gok Wan told me on his fashion show that the majority of people in the UK buy their clothes at the grocery store. I realize Ireland is not part of the UK anymore, but semantics aside, they have a clothing aisle at the local Tesco. See what I can buy alongside my roast vegetable medley and fruit trifle dessert? 

Once I bought a pair of flip-flops from the Raley's in my hometown because my own pair broke as I was walking around the store. Even with the dire circumstance at the time, I knew it was an embarrassing move. If anybody were to ask me, "Where did you get those plain black flip-flops?" I would've had to make something up. The horror. Moral of the story: There is a pink and black striped sweater currently on sale at Tesco that I would totally wear. Obviously I haven't purchased it on principle alone. 

Here is a fun article I found on the Irish Times about how men dress here. I believe I have mentioned the tracksuits before.