the temple bar

the cadavos @ the temple bar-temple bar, dublin 2

Hubby's band played The Temple Bar tonight. The Temple Bar is kind of a big deal because the entire neighborhood is named after it. It's the bar that I used to make my blog banner. Look up there. When we were looking for a neighborhood in Dublin, we wanted to be in a place is known for artistic residents, locally-owned shops, and the open-air markets--basically somewhat like where we lived in Minneapolis. Even though it is overrun with tourists, The Temple Bar is a huge traditional style pub and is probably the most well-known pub in all of Dublin. So, you should have figured out by now that hubs is a pretty big deal for playing there. 

I did my part by parading around with the tip jar empty pint glass asking for tips. It turns out they were well-liked and are going to play again next Friday night. Sweet.

taking pictures because they are famous