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Today I learned that the word "sketch" is a word you say when you are doing something shady and the Garda, or police, are coming. Also, it's what people whisper at you when you are talking about a person and they are coming up behind you, hearing every word. Oops, my bad. 

I also learned that it is a very Irish thing to tie a handkerchief around your neck when you have a sore throat. To me, it looks like some simple French-style flare, but I guess to the Irish it is helping them medically. I suppose it's time for another Irish vocab lesson:

"loads" = a lot of something
"sketch" = here come the cops
"deadly" = fantastic
"dodgy" = sketchy
"dodger" = a shady character
"massive" = big
"knackered" = tired, not to be confused with...
"knackers" = derogatory term for Irish Travellers