st. patrick's day

got my wellies on

So I didn't get to enjoy the festivities or see the parade but the streets of Dublin were full of people today. Here are a few snapshots from my morning 'commute' and coming home. Lots of wild orange and green hats, face paint, green neck towels, and green leggings. Aside from the outfits and the fact that it was a Thursday, I can't say it looked different from a normal night out in Dublin.

I am not interested in a themed frat party in the streets, so hubs and I ordered in and enjoyed some cheap cider from the Spar around the corner. Does that make me a party pooper?

I was hoping to get a sense of something St. Patrick-related. Maybe some snakes could slither away from me or maybe a special extra-Catholic St. Patrick-themed prayer could be recited. Or honestly any aspect of history that would make St. Patrick's Day in Ireland different from St. Paul, Minnesota. Unfortunately, I didn't learn anything. All I kept thinking is that I can go to an Irish pub and drink Irish beer with Irish people any time I want. That's something to be thankful for, right? At least it was a festive day and people seemed to be in a good mood. I especially enjoyed the flags along the river.

southside quays

parade route blocked off -Dame Street, Dublin 2

George's Street at 9.00am

George's Street looking south at 6.00pm

George's Street looking north

Dame Street

heading towards Temple Bar

Temple Bar