hot + spicy

Jo'Burger -Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin 6

After eating at CrackBird, a pop-up restaurant currently in its third of a twelve-week stint in Temple Bar, hubs and I decided to try the original restaurant of owner Joe Macken. I was smitten with CrackBird because they served me a habanero chili sauce that made me cry. Oh, that's a good thing.

We ended up at Jo'Burger after a quick trip on the 83 bus and I was delighted to find they had two types of veggie burgers and a plethora of burger toppings. I went with avocado and hot peppers, my two favorite condiments of all time. Oh and those Sriracha fries? To die for. 

I also discovered an Asian grocery near me called Asian Food Co. that sells all kinds of lovely things. The thing that impresses me the most is the amazing produce selection: pink Japanese eggplants, ripe (!) avocados, quarter chunks of fresh pumpkin, and scotch bonnet peppers. I have completely sworn off Tesco and will try to do all my shopping here from now on. Yesterday hubs & I bought a week's worth of groceries for a mere €13. And the place doesn't smell weird, either.

legumes + curries galore -Asian Food Co. Mary Lane, Dublin 1

Irish vocab:

"cookery" = things having to do with cooking (pots, pans, cookery books)
"pancakes" = small ones, like griddle cakes
"chilis"  = hot peppers, usually a medium-spicy red thai chili
"piri piri" = a blended sauce or spices with bird's eye chile, lime, and salt