ballymun adventure

IKEA in Ballymun 
As far as decor for the new apartment there are a few options. Most of the department stores like Arnott's, Dunnes, and Boyer's have bargain shops in the basement--bargain basement prices ha!--that sell last year's home goods. I also found a cute thrift store in Temple Bar called Lucy's Lounge that has some great stuff. Lucy is currently checking into a "gram" (record player) to see if it is functional for our living room. For the basics though, it's good old IKEA. We rode the bus out to Ballymun where the monstrosity lives.
 mattress pad because the current "mattress" doesn't have padding at all

It was the perfect time to learn how to use the bus and we figured out that the 6 EUR day pass was more expensive than if we had paid 2.20 EUR each way but would be useful for catching connecting buses on the same day. We also figured out that you need exact change if you dont plan on buying a day pass.
Ballymun is apparently Ireland's first carbon-neutral city. The signs all said so.
Ballymun's tracksuit boys

riding the double-decker bus

heart attack

Riding the double-decker bus in the rain almost gave me a heart attack. Trees were slapping the windshield, rain was gushing down the windows like a waterfall, and every turn felt like we'd go skidding on our side like a 1990 Geo Tracker. I may never ride on the second level again.