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welcome indeed
Hubby had his first day of college today. We rode the bus up to campus and walked those momentous first steps together. I got to see the wooden hallways and watch all the first-year students mill around, looking nervous. I also sat in on the first part of orientation and heard the history of All Hallows College, which was established in 1843 or some long time ago. I learned some interesting facts, including that they offer a masters program in Social Justice & Public Policy so on the way out I picked up a brochure. The "programme" is only part time so I could work and go to school at the same time. Hmmmm...
1843...or so
I also met the college's chaplain and she said "damn" out loud in front of everyone, which at a Catholic college put us all at ease. From what hubby says, it is an open-minded faculty. I left about the time they started doing mixer-type activities and getting to know people so I wouldnt cramp his style. He spent the day learning and meeting new people. I spent the day applying for a job. In other news I also bought a pair (yet another) of jeggings. Dont. Tell. Husband.


  1. Jeggings are a staple, almost like socks and are necessary for life as a woman.


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