home is where the heart is

 our apartment is right there--I'm not even kidding!

We found an apartment and moved in! I am glad to announce that we are no longer at that nasty hostel (a long story including a flood) and have a place to call home. It is in the most perfect, most adorable building right along the River Liffey! I cannot believe our luck. Except for the washer/dryer that doesn't dry clothes, things are going swimmingly. It's a little one-bedroom apartment with an entryway, a kitchen/laundry, a living room/dining area, and a bathroom.
 living room slash dining room

kitchen--yes that is the washing machine right in the middle!

bedroom with a wardrobe, still not quite as big as our old walk-in :(

 our sailboat bathroom

courtyard with lots of greenery
We are getting settled and while we wait on our internet connection to be set up, we mostly shop. We need towel racks--who makes a bathroom without a towel rack?!--an entryway table to put our wet shoes under, and some sort of coffee table. We're just trying to make it seem a little cozier and more like home.