hello be my friend

my friendliest face

I am so desperate to make friends that hubby has to hold me back from pouncing on strangers and creating awkward situations. Example: Yesterday a bird shat on a girl’s head out in front of our building. She was obviously embarrassed and ran away. She pulled her friend to the corner with her and hid behind the building. It was clear through the corner windows that she was avoiding whoever saw her.

I suggested to Travis that if I followed her around the corner and invited her up to the apartment to wipe the bird poo out of her hair, she might become my friend. He suggested that she did not want to know that an entire block of people witnessed the disgusting mess in her hair. He said that might be why she ran the opposite direction from us. I conceded that running after her screaming, “HEY POO-HAIR GIRL, BE MY FRIEND!” might make her feel bad.
exciting, I know
In lieu of hanging out with friends, I continue to shop for house things. Today I bought a towel rack. Now we have a place (other than hallway doors) for our towels and that place is actually IN the bathroom. Great.