it's a small world after all

Thanks to Ann, a new friend I met through the Technology Literacy Collaborative, for the excellent tip about DUBLIN EVENT GUIDE (for Free Events). Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)--yes that is the proper name--is an e-bulletin that goes out weekly about all the free events available in Dublin. The name says it all I suppose. A man named Joerg puts it together in his free time and anyone can subscribe for free. Obviously, Joerg is amazing.

I was overjoyed to read the events today. Are you kidding me? Chilean Film Festival?! Obviously we are going. I've already seen Subterra about a million times but I am interested in the others. Would you choose "The Good Life" on Monday, "Taxi for Three" on Tuesday, or "Sex with Love" on Thursday?

Chile al descubierto: Chilean Film Series As part of the celebrations to mark the bicentennial anniversary of the independence of Chile, the Instituto Cervantes Dublin and the Embassy of Chile in Ireland are proud to organize the first Chilean Cinema Season in Dublin to reflect the rich cinematographic creation of this Andean country. We hope that the four movies selected for this festival will give you a taste of diversity that characterizes Chilean cinema of the last decade, as well as help you understand the complex reality of contemporary Chilean society. Class struggle, submerged passions, urban picaresque, difficult emotions, family’s ins and outs, or the social contradictions of today’s Santiago are some of the themes confronted by the directors.

Del 06/09/2010 al 09/09/2010 (19:00 h)
Instituto Cervantes
Lincoln House, Lincoln Place
2 Dublin