great grandfar’s pub

me and my friend Smithwicks
I’m a little late in posting but on Wednesday night we walked to the top of Grafton Street to see an open mic night called the Zodiac Sessions at Bruxelles, a bar voted Dublin’s best indie bar in 2009. In the end we decided that maybe open mic night is not our scene (to be fair we never went to any open mics in Minneapolis) but we did make a friend who chatted with us the entire night. He told us to try going to shows at Whelan’s a venue that has free local shows at midnight and books touring bands as well. I picked up a calendar and it seems like a good lead.
hubs and his friend Mr. Arthur Guinness
I also met a man named Fred who was going to meet his long lost love later this week. He told me how they met while she was studying abroad over 20 years ago in Dublin and since then she was married and now divorced. She was coming back to Ireland to find out if things could work out between them. What an exciting and adorable story!
holler atcha girl
When we arrived at Bruxelles I was delighted to see it was directly across the street from McDaid’s, an Irish pub famous for serving the local literati (so says my Frommer’s guide) as well as formerly being owned by our friend Riley McDaid’s great grandfather. We decided it was only fitting to stop in for a pint and I enjoyed a nice Smithwicks. I decided it is my favorite Irish beer.