nachos and laser cards

nachos and killer guac at Acapulco
 So far we have found 1 excellent Mexican restaurant called Café Azteca, 1 decent one (nachos shown above), 1 called Boojum but is actually Chipotle, and 1 horrible one called Taco Taco. Soon I will be taking a class at Café Azteca with the owner Hugo, who will be teaching me how to make homemade mole sauce and restaurant rice since mine never comes out fluffy enough.
boop boop boop
This is hubby using his official Laser Card to pay for our dinner. The laser card is a debit card with a special chip. At restaurants they bring the machine all the way to your table and you have to enter your pin. Some stores like Aldi and Spar only take cash or laser cards. I have been s.o.l. thus far but I finally got a piece of mail with my name on it last week. With my mail, I opened my Irish bank account and I'll soon have my very own laser card! Here is more Irish vocabulary that I learned at the bank:
“current” account = checking
“lodgement” = deposit
“docket” = bank slip
“bureau de change” = where you can convert money and deposit
United States checks (P.S. Is this French?)

After dinner we went out with one of hubby’s classmates and the girlfriend. The classmate is Irish but the girlfriend is from Ohio and lived in San Francisco for awhile. We bonded over the crazy Irish spray deodorant. So the good news is I might have a friend.