whistle while you work

Henry in his home--our hall closet
I thought I'd share a photograph of our third roommate Henry the "Hoover" which is what people call vacuums here. Everything is a Hoover...it's like Kleenex. We finally cleaned house last night. I have never had so much fun vacuuming the house before but then again the vacuum never smiled at me before. Henry is amazingly quiet as well. I highly recommend him. According to the Argos catalog, Henry comes in six (6!) colors, has a blue cousin Charles who is a wet/dry vac, and a younger sister named Hetty who is small and pink. Irish vocab lesson of the day:
"corriander" = cilantro
"aubergine" = eggplant
"courgette" = zucchini, pronounced COOR-JET but say the Jet a little Frenchier
"goujons" = sticks as in fish goujons or chicken goujons, also said Frenchily
"an lár" = city centre


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