desperate housewife

cup o tea?
Now that hubby is gone at class all day I am spending time at coffee shops applying for jobs using their wifi. It’s tough to complete an application form when I find a fitting vacancy (that’s what they call available jobs) because when my computer battery dies I have to head home again and re-charge. Every once in awhile I get a table near a wall plug and I stay a little bit longer. I am going to add “able to nurse a single coffee for over three hours” to my CV. By the way a CV means curriculum vitae and it’s an international version of resume. It tends to be longer than the typical American one-page resume because as far as I understand they want to know everything about you that has ever been known. CVs typically list information that is left off American resumes for fear of discrimination such as your nationality by birth, gender, and marital status. Creepy, right?
i was not aware of this shot being on my camera
Being home without anything to do is not fun. How did housewives do this in the 1950s? They must have had a strictly observed cocktail hour. There is only so much bouncing around the house to Lady Gaga that I can do. Shopping is out of the question since…oh yes…I have no income. Walking around is fine but a few times I have ended up in neighborhoods I don’t want to end up in alone. To compensate for my boredom, I find myself slipping into housewifely duties. The house is spotless, the laundry is done, and we have been eating incredible dinners (if I do say so myself!). Fajitas with handmade corn tortillas and homemade refried beans, asparagus dinner tart, and last night I made the most incredible shitake risotto.
handmade--literally the tortilla is on my hand
check out my concentration
the (slightly crunchy) results
The job search is on but we still don’t have internet at home. We contacted ESB (Electricity Supply Board-- the Irish company that supplies overpriced cable/internet/phone bundles similar to Qwest or Time Warner) to set up our home account. For some reason they are having trouble locating our residence. Our building is either called Ha’penny House or Halfpenny House and we aren’t sure which is correct. I would think a Dublin-based ESB worker would know how to fix this problem, being that the Ha’penny Bridge is a fairly well-known fixture, but so far no luck. Fixing the internet connection is currently priority numero uno. Unfortunately, when it is finally fixed I will have absolutely zero reason to leave the house. Ugh.
whoa is right


  1. Your blue ikea Tea Set is so adorable it makes me want to have tea right now. Do you have extra mugs for when company comes over?

  2. the tray and napkin holder is obviously from ikea. the dishes came from our landlord. his wife went shopping for us before we moved in and gifted us a dish set for 4, glasses, pots & pans, etc. pretty much everything we needed to start off. it was so sweet!


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