lashing and spitting

 more Italian food-Dublin, Ireland

What a beautiful day in Dublin! To be fair, it rained buckets today but our good friend Rachel--a friend we made back in San Diego when she was on summer holiday in 2005--made a trip in from Carlow and spent the day apartment hunting with us. Not only did she make us feel right at home with her hospitality and good laughs, but she taught me all kinds of new vocabulary:
various types of rain = "spitting, lashing, pouring, gushing, etc."
umbrella = "brolly"
band-aid = "plaster"
lesson = "grind"
squishy = "squelshy"
eggplant = "courguette"
pickle = "gerkin"
quay is pronounced "key"
Guineys (a store) is pronounced "guy-knees"
Millennium Bridge, The River Liffey

view of Bachelors Walk from the Southside Quays

Waiting on this corner, Rachel and I got drenched with puddle water from the cars and buses flying by. We tried to share my "brolly" as much as possible but it was inside-out more than it was shielding us. We were soaked from just about the knees down. Hubby unfortunately discovered that his expensive Urban Outfitters raincoat does absolutely nothing to keep the rain out (figures). Even so, a rainy day spent with a familiar face in a city where everything is foreign was such a breath of fresh air. We could not stop smiling and were sad to leave Rachel at the train station again. Just as I was beginning to feel as if we didnt have a friend in the entire country, Rachel brought the sunshine to Dublin for us!
 a good laugh