drizzly saturday

Temple Bar
I’m wondering just how many blog entries will have rain-related titles after four years! Today Hubby and I were planning on a picnic at St. Stephen’s Green just south of Temple Bar area. We had read about a farmer’s market in Temple Bar but after looking out the window and seeing the wet ground, a picnic was out. Instead we decided to explore a bit and spent the afternoon walking.
my dream job as a Diet Coke girl in the street
We didn’t find the food market but we did find the most adorable vintage store called Carousel. I was sucked in by the amazing desk set in the front window but unfortunately they didn’t carry much furniture. What they did have was the largest selection of quality vintage dresses I have ever seen. Every single one was adorable (not a single mu-mu) and with some of the coolest material patterns I’ve ever seen. They were about 44 EUR on sale and about 60 EUR regular priced. I tried on a mustard frock but it was a little big and too long. I hope to go back. We also found an amazing organic grocery store that had all kinds of wonderful ethnic foods and ingredients that I haven’t found at Tesco. We stocked up and tonight I’ll be attempting to make handmade corn tortillas for fajitas. Wish me luck.
my mustard and velvet frock
new favorite store


  1. Can I just say that I like Travis's camel raincoat!!


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