marmite and crispy fish pie

creamy > crunchy
Look what we found--peanut butter! When I lived in Spain we had to walk all the way across town to the American grocery store and pay 8 Euro for a tiny little jar. This one cost 1.50 EUR at my new favorite store Marks & Spencer. M&S sells groceries as well as clothes. It is amazing.
public property
In other food news, I have been making recipes out of a cookbook meant for first-time college students. I found the recipe book at a coffee shop and wanted to try some of them (Marmite spaghetti? Yes, please.) so I shoved it in my purse and have been cooking from it ever since. The pages are made of magazine material so obviously it wasn’t actual robbery since it is not an actual book...much like stealing a magazine from the doctor’s office, which is public property (right Dad?).
Nasty Fish Pie
Most things from this book have been pretty good, but do not attempt to make this Crispy Fish Pie. In the recipe book, it is listed under the section labeled Show-Off Dinners. If your idea of showing off is making people sick (me) or making them feel like they have a brick in their stomach (hubby) then go right ahead. Oh and if you like your house to smell like a garbage bag full of last week’s cat food tins, this is also the recipe for you.

P.S. Marmite is yeast extract that is meant to be food and looks like a brown goopy mess.