Yesterday hubby and I went to my first Yelp event in Dublin. I guess since I moved, my yelp elite status moved with me. That means I get invited to parties with free food and drink and then the venue hopes that our group (yelpers) will write good reviews about them online. Anyway, for this event I got invited to BioRhythm at the Trinity College Science Gallery. BioRyhthm is this awesome exhibit having to do with the various ways that the human body perceives music.

In comparison to Yelp events in the states, this one had lots more liquor circulating. We tried two locally-brewed beers, two kinds of locally-distilled whiskey (there were five!), a fancy blood orange vodka concoction, and two kinds of Barefoot brand wine (coincidentally bottled in California). Thank goodness they were using small cups and we were sharing our samples. We barely used half our drink tickets so I imagine there were some rather tipsy folks by the end of it. We didn’t go to the after-party since nobody talked to us and we were bored after awhile. To be fair, I used to take my own friends in Minneapolis and never ever spoke to strangers at the events, even though they are meant for mingling. Still, I thought maybe we’d make friends. How does one make friends?